I have been fascinated by software and video games since a young age when I was given my first computer, a Dragon 32. Since then I have experimented with numerous methods of development ranging from point-and-click type packages to C++. I soon realized that software development was what I wanted to do.

Having invested a lot of time into programming with various languages and technologies I now find it quite easy to pickup new ideas and methodologies. I relish learning new ideas and concepts.

Throughout my life I have dabbled in game and engine development. I was awarded a first for the degree “BEng Games and Entertainment Systems Software Engineering” at the University of Greenwich. It was good to finally experience video games from a more professional perspective.

Due to various family difficulties I was unable to immediately pursue any sort of software development career. This didn’t stop me from dabbling though!

Since then I formed a company to focus upon client projects. Up until now the company has primarily dealt with website design and development. I have since decided that it would be fun to go back to my roots and develop games and tools that other developers can use for their games.

We have recently released our first game on iPhone/iPad called “Munchy Bunny!” (see: View in app store). We hope to expand the game and release to additional platforms.

Also, check out our tile system extension for Unity! (see: View product info)


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  1. Hi,

    I noticed a comment you posted on Jilion.com about sublime and did a search on your name and found this site. If you are the same person, may I ask you a question regarding video? I am a relative novice trying to host a non-profit website where I will hold local video content. I am trying to figure out what player to use and came across Sublime. I want it to be as high resolution as possible and am trying to figure out what tools to use to encode so that videos will play properly across all the browsers. Any advice would be great. It seems like I will need to encode to two and maybe three file types (mp4 and ogv). What I don’t know is what presets will I need to use to get best quality off of DVDs that have been ripped to a folder. Any insights would be appreciated.

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