Business Process and Data with MVC (Model-View-Controller)

I have been thinking about the general issues with the MVC and the Vespa concept “Vespa: A better MVC”. The idea of splitting the Model component has really helped me a lot with a project that I am working on.

Let me emphasise that this doesn’t define how the model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern is supposed to be used. It merely suggests a slight alternative which allows the Model component to be split into business process and business data.

I decided to split Model into Service and Model (yes I stuck to the same name, but it has a lesser more specific goal). In my project a Service represents a business process whereas a Model only represents business data. I allow the Model to access data via an encapsulated PDO connection.

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UML Simpler with Cadifra

Cadifra is an excellent UML editor which makes designing with UML a breeze. Cadifra is great for illustrating concepts in technical reports, but gains its real purpose during the design process where ideas change and evolve rapidly (especially when working with other team members). Cadifra makes it easy and very quick to change diagrams in this fashion, and very neatly too.

Cadifra supports Class, Object, Use Case, Sequence and State diagrams.

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